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I used to spend literally hours researching the perfect supplements to take for all sorts of goals that I had for my workout routines.  I used supplements for energy, testosterone boosters, weight loss supplements, protein supplements, and muscle building vitamin supplements.   

When I was new to this whole scene, I would look around online and read everything I could get my hands on.  As you probably already know if you’ve found this article, there is no shortage of information out there on vitamins and supplements to grow as a bodybuilder.   

I soon found that a lot of the information was pretty much just fluff.  It turns out; people will write and say just about anything to get you to come to their website and buy their supplement or the supplement they are an affiliate for.  

That’s when I decided to take the very best of what I found and combine it with this article that you’re reading right now.  Since building muscle mass and taking care of your body are so important (and because so much can go wrong if you’re given bad advice), I wanted people to know that the information they are reading is legit.   

Guys if you are looking for the right vitamin supplements to take for your health goals, here’s my take on that. 

3 Best (& Worst) Vitamin Supplements Men MUST Take 

The 3 Worst 

I want to get these out of the way first because people can seriously harm themselves and completely through their bodies out of whack by taking the wrong supplements.  Not to mention waste a lot of money.   

Testosterone Boosters 

I want to preface this by saying, not all testosterone supplements are bad.  In fact, there are some high-quality companies making good testosterone supplements.  The problem is, the market I saturated.  There are hundreds of companies and individuals out there pushing testosterone pills, and there is no way to tell what is good and what isn’t.   

The only good way to boost your testosterone levels is to get a prescription from a doctor, and they aren’t just handing those out like candy.  Many of the ‘natural’ testosterone boosters on the market contain some pretty nasty stuff that you don’t want to be putting in your body. 

For example, if you search for testosterone boosters online, some of the first products that come up in search results all contain some bad ingredients like D-aspartic acid and Tribulus Terrestris.  Research has been cited showing that Tribulus Terrestris does not have any influence on Testosterone levels. D-Spartic acid was once thought to boost testosterone levels (and it does for short periods), but further studies on the ingredient have shown that any increase in T-levels is marginal at best. 

BCCA or Branched Amino Acids 

The problem with BCCAs is not so much that they do not work.  It is in how they are portrayed online as a catch-all, cure-all supplement for muscle growth.  Some studies prove its effectiveness however many sites do not mention that BCCAs need to be combined with a healthy workout routine and the consumption of essential proteins to work right.   This supplement will also help you sleep if you have coupons for a great mattress. 

HMB or Hydroxy Methylbutyrate 

This supplement is not effective as a muscle builder, and that’s most what it is marketed as.  When HMBs are marketed as an Anabolic, you can’t say that they are effective for this purpose.   

If you do some research on this molecule, you will find that the content published about it is sometimes so outlandishly one-sided that it can be hard to take seriously.  Other research pieces are written by the inventor of HMBs. 

3 Supplements Men Should be Taking 

Protein is one of the basic building blocks of muscle.  You cannot build muscle mass or help prevent post-workout muscle deterioration without protein.   

Protein powder is also one of the best ways to get more protein without cramming tons of protein-rich food into your diet.  Keep in mind that protein powder alone is not going to build muscle, but it is essential for the process.   

Creatine Powder 

Few other molecules are as well-researched as creatine.  It is one of the most popular supplements in the workout industry, and there is no shortage of helpful information on how to maximize its power in your workout routine.   

The benefits of Creatine are many. It improves your endurance helping you work out harder and longer.  It helps build muscle faster which makes you stronger faster.  It is also essential for muscle recovery.   

Online Tips and Help

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